Poster Design

The Mark Choko contest is an annual poster contest with a different theme every year that is based on that year’s actualité. The 2019-2020 theme was based on collective transportation and active mobility as a way to promote alternatives to the use of cars to travel across the city.


To design a promotional poster to encourage collective transportation and active mobility, in the city of Montréal.


After considering the multiple ways that are offered to Montréalers to move around town such as the subway, the bus, BIXI bicycles and walking, I looked for the main idea they have in common: movement.


The result is a colourful composition that emulated this sense of movement. Some circles represent beings on their way, the wheels of buses and bicycles. I was awarded the third place of the Bourse Marc Choko as well as my poster being included in BANQ’s archives.

Marc Choko poster on large pillar.
Top right corner of Marc Choko poster.
Left corner of marc Choko poster.
Elevated poster Gif animation.