Tokyo is an incredible city, being one of the most populous ones in the World only goes to further show how great it is. The city has both incredible historic areas as much as it offers some of the greatest skyscrapers in the most modern neighbourhoods. Many people find themselves compelled to travel to Tokyo to discover their interesting culture and visit their beautiful museums and tourist attractions.


To create a web travel guide targeted to adventurous young adults who want to learn more about the city before travel.


The process of this project included research about user experience and user interface design in order to create a website that was simple and intuitive.  After acknowledging the necessary steps to a well-functioning website, I created wireframes using XD and proceeded to design and prototype my project. The essence of the website is to transmit further information about its unique characteristics. That being said, the ultimate goal was to provide the viewer with appealing information about the city and everything it has to offer, from its history, its art, its unique division in neighbourhoods to the multiple traditional dishes.


The result included various attractive large images and large text to allow the viewer to feel the city through the web page and, at the same time, informing them of the different places they could visit to embrace what Tokyo has to offer.

Tokyo website landing page. Tokyo website landing page.
Tokyo website of history page.
Tokyo website restaurant landing page.