Branding Design

Phonopolis is a local record store situated at the heart of Mile-End, in Montréal. They  offer a wide selection of records, from all kinds of music genres. They have a unique service in which people can bring their own records to sell them, meaning that one can find used and brand-new products.  Every once in a while, they host in-store music performances to familiarize their community with new musicians, bands and Disc Jockeys.


To create a new and modern identity for Phonopolis.


The process of this project began with the creation of the logo. It required various sketches of options that could express the idea of music as well as represent a store dedicated to records. Then, the logo is applied to their stationery, the store-front and their multiple promotional objects.


Phonopolis Records’ new logo is a simple and concise logotype that is written on two lines. The direct translation of the Latin words in Phonopolis are Audio - City, which makes the separation relevant. The typeface used is a bold sans-serif typeface which facilitated the strict alignment of it. The logo serves as the foundation of the identity, which will be represented on their annual record, their website and on an application that will serve as a tool to connect the music community.

Phonopolis branding on a vinyl cover.
Distorted image of Them Yorke with Phonopolis branding.
Poster image of Bjork with P
honopolis branding.
Phonopolis website branding landing page.
Phonopolis branding website of secondary page.
Phonopolis gif animation.